Just me, just bunging stuff on...

Charm necklaces, bottle necklaces, simple charm pendants, wire writing, fun earrings, and glass globe rings. Hand-assembled cute and quirky jewelry made with a sense of humour.

And that's about it, really.

I'm Flo, and this is my shop.

I like pretty things. And scruffy things. And shiny things. I guess I just like things.

Some of my jewellery falls into the oft-maligned 'charm on a chain' category. Because, sometimes, you just want a charm on a chain. I prefer to call this jewellery 'assembled', because that's just what it is - I do not make the charms, I just cut the chain to length, add a cute charm, add a clasp and Bob's your Uncle, a necklace.

I make my jewellery in my hideout underneath the stairs, and send it out into the big wide world with a smile on my face to hopefully put one on yours.

Fake redhead, real person. Thanks for reading.


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